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Three Reasons to Choose SmartStrand Naturals for Your Home

Carpeting continues to be a very popular choice for homes. Homeowners appreciate the soft comfort and warmth it provides, but there are a few drawbacks to traditional nylon carpeting that are hard to overlook.

Easily stained, hard to clean, unsanitary, and high-maintenance, it's easy to see why some homeowners occasionally get the urge to simply rip it all out. Luckily, there is a way to have your cake and eat it too, SmartStrand? Naturals carpeting!

So, Why choose SmartStrand Naturals for your business?

It's Healthier Than Traditional Carpet Fibers

SmartStrand stands out from traditional fiber carpeting thanks to the fact that it is incredibly easy to clean, which means less need for professional cleaning services, a savings in itself, and a healthier environment for your family, who will be less prone to illness and allergic attacks.

Unsurpassed Stain-Fighting Power

Another huge problem with carpeting is the preponderance of stains. Carpeting in your home must be able to withstand some seriously damaging stains, to avoid an aesthetic nightmare. Nobody likes to walk into their home with nasty stains all over the carpet.

Try SmartStrand Naturals! You will have no problem removing any stains that occur thanks to SmartStrand's built-in stain-fighting power. You will save yourself a fortune on professional cleaning costs, in addition to keeping your home fresh and beautiful!

Incredible Service Life

In addition to the savings you will experience in cleaning costs and upkeep, you will also spend less money on frequent carpet re-installations. SmartStrand carpeting is prized for its ability to spring right back into shape when crushed, thanks to the unique structure of the fibers, and is more than capable of standing up to even the most grueling parade of foot traffic. This all adds up to a drastically increased carpet life and savings over time.

Want to Learn More About What SmartStrand Naturals Can Do for You?

If you are looking for new carpeting for your home, and would like to learn more about this incredible flooring material, contact our Metro Flooring showroom in San Diego, CA, to arrange for a free consultation with our expert staff of flooring professionals.