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Three Reasons to Love SmartStrand Silk Carpeting

Carpet is the king of floor coverings, bar none. No other floor covering material even comes close to the comfort, warmth, and plush elegance of a beautifully carpeted floor. We're not saying that carpet is perfect, no flooring material is, but if any carpeting were to earn the label of perfect, it would be SmartStrand? Silk carpeting.

All of the things that turn some people off to carpets, durability, sustainability, and maintenance, are completely done away with by this incredible carpeting material. DuPont's engineers have examined every drawback of carpeting and turned their minds to the task of making a carpet that overcomes all of these issues. They have succeeded marvelously!

So, what makes SmartStrand Silk so great? Here are three reasons to love this incredible carpeting!

1. It's Unbeatably Soft

In fact, it's literally the softest carpeting on the market today, no joke! Thanks to the elasticity that is built into the molecular structure of each individual fiber, this carpeting offers unparalleled softness that even its closest rivals can't begin to approach.

The main reason to buy carpeting is for its softness, so shouldn't you have the softest, most comfortable carpeting available?

2. It's Outrageously Durable

The same technology that makes this carpeting so soft, is also responsible for its extreme durability. The elasticity of the fibers allows them to spring back into place perfectly every time, and this elasticity never fades over the service life of the carpet, because it is built-in to the very structure of the fiber itself!

No matter how many times the fibers are crushed flat, they will always spring right back into place like nothing ever happened. Incredible!

3. It's Practically Stain Proof

SmartStrand offers unbeatable stain fighting power that outstrips all other carpet materials by the longest of shots. Again, the stain fighting power is built right into the molecular structure of the carpeting, so it will never fade or require chemical treatments to maintain its efficacy.

These carpets have such intense stain-fighting properties that they cleaned up like new after spending weeks on the floor of a rhino enclosure!

If you're looking for the most durable, stain-resistant, and comfortable carpeting out there, look no further than SmartStrand Silk!

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