To Bevel or Not To Bevel? The Question has new answers

One of the biggest issues with vinyl flooring is that because it’s a wood alternative it doesn’t always look very real. Often times the bulk of the plank looks like wood but the edge is distracting and that can lead to a less realistic looking floor. Metro Flooring now offers many floors with a newer system People have taken to calling it a natural or an integrated bevel. It can also be called a “pressed’ bevel.

A pressed bevel in flooring is a design feature where the edges of a flooring panel are pressed downwards to create a bevel. This technique ensures that the decor layer and texture of the board continue all the way to the deepest point of the bevel, giving the floor a more authentic wood look. The pressed bevel is an upgrade compared to traditional painted or lacquered bevels often seen on rigid floors, as it offers a look and feel that’s closer to natural wood.

Enhanced Plank Definition

Enhanced Plank Definition: The integrated bevels provide a more defined look to each plank, which adds to the realism of the flooring. This is particularly effective in high variation visuals, where the natural grain and character of the floors are highlighted.

Authentic flooring

Authenticity: The realistic integrated bevels are subtle enhancements that create a sense of authenticity. They mimic the subtle texture and variation found in natural materials, giving the floor a more natural and authentic appearance

Realistic vinyl flooring

Realistic Appearance: The technology enhances the appearance of resilient flooring to be even closer to real wood than ever before. It ensures that the decor layer and texture of the board continue until the deepest point of the bevel, giving it a more authentic look.

Smooth Transition: Pressed bevel planks have a less dramatic bevel design, as the slope is smoother and displays a softer transition between boards. This can create a more subtle and refined look compared to more pronounced bevels.

Aesthetic Appeal: The angled edges of a pressed bevel soften sharp corners and straight lines, adding dimension and visual interest. It’s a design detail that can significantly enhance the overall look of the flooring.

Pleasant to the Touch: Floors with pressed bevels feel more pleasant to the touch, as you won’t feel the sharp edges at the top of the bevel. This can make walking barefoot on the flooring a more comfortable experience.

Overall, the pressed bevel offers a real and genuine flooring look that is easy to maintain and can suit a variety of styles, whether rustic, traditional, or even modern. Metro Flooring has over a hundred samples featuring this new technology, come see for yourself!