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Top 3 Stain Resistant Carpet Materials

When you look at the company-provided information, every type of stain-resistant carpeting is "The Best On The Market!? Some of the most hyperbolic and over-the-top language you can imagine is found in the ad copy for the various materials, and this makes it a bit difficult to really figure out which is actually the best when you get down to brass tacks.

So, Metro Flooring had our in-house carpeting experts compile this ranked list of the best materials money can buy when purchasing a stain resistant carpet. Here they are ranked from best to worst:

1. SmartStrand? Naturals

Easily the runaway winner for best stain fighting carpet material would have to be Mohawk's SmartStrand? Naturals. Aside from a number of secondary benefits such as low ecological impact, UV resistance, and extreme durability, SmartStrand Naturals carpets are the most stain resistant material out there, bar none.

The reason this material is so effective lies in the fact that the stain fighting powers are built right into the fabric of the carpet. This means that no matter how many times you have to scrub or clean the carpets, the stain resistance never diminishes, unlike other materials that require secondary chemical treatments to achieve their maximum resistance to stains. SmartStrand Naturals carpets are one of the few instances of a stain resistant carpet standing up to the hype surrounding it.

2. Wool

Many people are often shocked to discover that wool is one of the more powerfully stain resistant materials out there. Wool has a number of properties that are very desirable in regards to stain resistance, most of which stem from the unique spiral structure of the fibers. Wool carpets are more resistant to oil and grease, repel liquids to allow more time to respond to a spill emergency, and releases stains easily when cleaned. The only downside to wool is that the price tends to be a bit higher than other materials.

3. Nylon

Nylon is the most popular material in the realm of stain-resistant carpeting and for good reason. Though it is a bit of a downgrade from wool when it comes to repelling oily stains, it stills stands above other materials, because it doesn't actively attract oils. The major drawback to nylon's stain fighting ability is that it comes from coatings that wear away over time and diminish the power of the carpet to resist stains, unlike SmartStrand Naturals carpets or wool.

There you have it, the real deal info you need to sort out all the bombastic ad copy surrounding stain-resistant carpeting. When you get down to it, the number one thing that makes for a quality stain fighting carpet, is that its resistance is built into the structure of the fiber, and not reliant on coatings that can fade.

If you are looking into purchasing some stain resistant carpeting for your home, Metro Floors hopes you'll consider stopping by our showroom in San Diego, CA to have a look at the wide array of options available. Our team of flooring experts would love to help you find the carpeting solution that's best for both your home and your wallet.