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Unequaled Stain Resistance with Mohawk SmartStrand Naturals Carpet

?Have you heard about the Mohawk SmartStrand? Naturals carpeting that is becoming one of America's most popular carpeting systems? If not, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this remarkable carpet and the many benefits that it offers homeowners. While there is a lot we can say about this carpeting system, we will highlight a few of most appreciated benefits in this article.

At Metro Flooring, we carry a great selection of Mohawk flooring systems, including the SmartStrand Naturals. We do this because our customers demand quality when they are buying new flooring. This new line of Mohawk carpeting is a step above ?quality? and in a category of its own. This is not just talk, it is a fact.

It begins with how this carpeting is made. Unlike many other carpeting systems that offer stain resistance because they spray certain chemicals onto the fibers after those fibers are set into the backing, Mohawk has developed a process that actually embeds its stain resistant formula into the fibers as they are produced.?

This line of carpet is made with a PTT polymer known as DuPont? Sorona fiber. In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission recognized PTT (polytrimethylene terephthalate) as its own separate subclass of fiber, and was named Triexta. This new fiber class addresses many of the issues that consumers have worried about over the years, namely, stain resistance, durability, softness, and environmental issues.

With this fiber, spills from wine, mustard, even colored soft drinks, can be wiped up with nothing more than clean water and a mild detergent. The days of having to live with a stained area in your carpet are over when you choose SmartStrand carpeting. San Diego residents are turning to carpet more and more these days for the comfort and beauty of it.?

In addition to its fantastic ability to resist staining, these carpets are also incredibly soft. One of the issue consumers had with other types of stain resistant carpeting was that the process of spraying their formulas onto the fibers made those fibers stiff and hard. With this new line of carpet from Mohawk, softness is guaranteed. In fact, you have to actually feel the softness of these carpeting systems to truly appreciate how wonderful they feel.

Come by Metro Flooring in San Diego, CA and let us show you the remarkable?SmartStrand Naturals carpeting systems we have available for you today.