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Upgrade your floors the natural way with SmartStrand Naturals

Everyone loves a good quality carpet when shopping for new flooring, but SmartStrand Naturals gives you so much more than you might have been expecting. In addition to the highly sought after color and pattern options and the soft underfoot feel, you get durability that stands up to even the harshest environments, and comfort that is unrivaled in the flooring industry. In fact, this flooring stands up so well to overall daily activity and wear, even the lifespan is lengthened.
For homeowners looking for that extra luxurious soft underfoot experience, SmartStrand Naturals is really the best choice. Created with more silk-like fibers per strand than any other carpet, it?s a difference you can feel as soon as you step out onto this flooring. That softness is not only a luxury in regular circumstances, but it can even serve as a safety feature for both young and old in your home. By creating a stable walking surface, it helps reduce the chance of fall.
SmartStrand Naturals also offers exceptional durability by building stain resistance right into the fibers of this flooring. Instead of soaking into the core of the fibers, stains will be easily lifted off by spot cleaning or commercial cleaning, leaving you with a flooring that looks and smells just like new, every time it?s cleaned. You can also speak to one of our associates about the Ever Pet Promise as well, which guards against pet stains and odors, making it an excellent carpet choice for pet owners.
When you choose SmartStrand Naturals for your home, you can expect the very best in everything that a carpet should be. For more information about the product itself, installation procedures, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
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