SmartStrand Naturals

What SmartStrand Naturals can mean for your home

There?s nothing quite like the underfoot feel of carpet in your home unless it?s SmartStrand Naturals carpet. This floor covering not only offers a softness that is nearly unrivaled in the flooring industry, but it also offers excellent durability that has been long needed in this material. Together, these are two features that create an amazing flooring experience that you simply won?t want to miss. In fact, you might find you love it so much, you?ll use in every room you can.

With more fibers per strand, the softness you?ll experience in SmartStrand Naturals far exceeds that of competitors nylon carpet. This is something you?ll be excited to come home to, and there?s more. It?s a great surface for small children, creating a much safer place for little hands, feet, and knees, offering a safer place to fall, if that ever happens.

Durability isn?t often something you expect to find in carpet but with SmartStrand Naturals, all that changes. With this material, stain protection is built right into the fibers of your flooring, and never allowing most stains to soak into the fibers. This means your carpet will be much easier to keep clean and you?re likely to never see them become dingy.

Durability continues with warranties that range from 15 to 25 years or more simply for resistance to fading, wear, and texture imperfections. It?s eco-friendly as well, taking on the nickname ?corn carpet? because corn glucose makes up 37% of the materials.

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