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What?s the Big Deal with SmartStrand Silk?

If you?ve never given any thought to SmartStrand Silk, it might just be time to do that now. There are lots of reasons to stop and spend some time with this Mohawk product, not the least of which is the fact that it has gained popularity faster than just about any other in the Mohawk line. Since making its entrance into the flooring world in 2004, it has managed to turn a lot of heads. The truth is, not every carpet comes with strands that contain 700 fibers that not only resist stains, but that feel just like silk.

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SmartStrand Silk Might Surprise You

SmartStrand Silk isn?t just another carpet that takes on a special name in hopes of selling a few more units. The 700 fibers per strand are three times more than you will find in any other traditional nylon carpet. The number alone would be impressive all by itself, but when you add in the plush, silk feel, and the protection of around the clock stain resistance, you?re sure to see a difference you?ll be happy to come home to.

Pet owners will be exceptionally happy with this product, since it?s the only carpet?known to carry All Pet Stain Protection. That means that even pet accidents, won?t leave you seeing and smelling the evidence for weeks and months to come. This protection keeps that from happening, as only SmartStrand Silk can do.

If all this wasn?t already enough, SmartStrand Silk goes on to be one of the most durable carpets on the market. This is great news for busy families everywhere. Not only will it stand up to most everyday wear and tear, it will extend the life of the beauty and style of your flooring as well.