San Diego carpet

When Only the Best Carpet Will Do

Over the years, carpet has had a lot of strikes against it. In fact, some homeowners have avoided it at all costs, primarily because of the possibility of staining. The great news is, with SmartStrand? Naturals, there?s no longer a reason to avoid the only soft surface flooring on the market. Actually, you might just find that this material fits all your needs and will match your existing decor perfectly.

Metro Flooring is so committed to the satisfaction of our customers, we?ll gladly replace your flooring within thirty days of installation if you?re not happy with it, minus installation fees. We also offer warranties on pricing that our flooring professionals will be happy to tell you about when you visit our showroom in San Diego, CA. Stop by anytime and allow us the honor of earning your business.

SmartStrand? Naturals: The Benefits

We?ll start with SmartStrand Naturals? amazing stain resistance. It is, after all, one of the most important factors when homeowners are considering soft surface flooring. This product has stain resistance built right into the fiber itself, which offers protection against stains that is truly top of the line. Since it?s built into the fiber and not applied after the carpet installation, there?s no chance it will wear off, or be reduced after several cleanings.

This type of stain resistance also means that spills and messes will have no opportunity to soak into the fiber and set the stain. Instead, you will be able to clean it up much easier and with much better results than ever before.

Durability is another important factor for those considering carpet, and SmartStrand Naturals is easily one of the most durable carpets on the market. Having gone through rigorous testing, we can assure you that it stands up to the busiest household traffic, even when small children and pets are part of the equation. In fact, be sure to ask your flooring professional about Mohawk?s All Pet Protection and Warranty.

Another problem that has occurred in the past, is the fact that you simply couldn?t get a carpet with benefits like these without sacrificing softness. This carpet, however, offers you a softness you?ll have to feel to believe, with 700 stain resistant fibers per strand that feel just like silk. That?s roughly three times the fiber count of an average nylon carpet, and it makes a big difference in the underfoot feel.