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When You Need Waterproof Flooring, Choose COREtec

Sometimes, you need specialty flooring, because nothing else will do. If you find yourself in need of waterproof flooring, it can be hard to find one that is truly waterproof. Needs like this call for COREtec waterproof flooring and you can find it at Metro Flooring.

In case you?ve never heard of COREtec before, we would like to give you an introduction. You are sure to see some of the reasons why it is the only choice when you need a truly waterproof flooring option.

COREtec Construction
The first and bottom layer is cork, which provides a certain level of acoustical insulation. With this layer in place, there?s no need to underlay anything extra. It is not only naturally resistant to mold and mildew, but it absorbs imperfections in the subfloor.

The next layer, on top of the cork, is the core structure known as COREtec. With a waterproof core that is extruded, it is very stable and will neither expand nor contract under normal conditions. The profile of this layer is completely glueless.

Just above the COREtec layer is a durable and resilient top layer of luxury virgin vinyl. This layer contains the artistic wood, stone or laminate look, and is resistant to both dents and chips.

Finally, the very top layer is the wear layer. At a thickness of .5mm to 20 mil, it provides protections against extreme wear and excellent stain resistance. It is also very easy to clean and rated for traffic at even commercial levels.

COREtec Extras
You can install COREtec waterproof floor over many different types of subfloors. Install it over ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, laminate or concrete. Even imperfect subflooring won?t be a problem for COREtec.

COREtec eliminates the ?wave? you get when other hard floorings are put down on top of uneven subfloors. The cork backing is responsible for the smoothing out of your floor.

You will love having the look and feel, right down to the grain, knots and markings, of hardwood, but with a solid waterproof design. Everything about COREtec waterproof flooring makes it perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, washroom or mudroom of your home. If you have to have waterproof flooring, we advise choosing COREtec.

Our Metro Flooring showroom is located in San Diego, CA, where you are welcome to stop in and experience COREtec for yourself.