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Where Can I Install COREtec Waterproof Flooring?

While you may automatically think of installing COREtec waterproof flooring in the bathroom, there are tons of excellent reasons to place it virtually anywhere in your home. Why would you think about doing such a crazy thing, you may ask? Well, our Metro Flooring San Diego, CA showroom experts talk to a significant number of homeowners, and they've concluded that folks don't realize that this type of surfacing material is genuinely versatile, and one-of-a-kind. As such, our pros decided to come up with this list of rooms in your home where you might want to consider installing it. If you have an upcoming renovation, you'll undoubtedly want to read our article before deciding on anything!

1. The (Always Messy) Kitchen

Sure, the bathroom is the most flood-prone room in the house, but where else could you end up with liquid spills, food accidents, and mini floods? That's right, it's the kitchen! If it's not the blender exploding tomato soup all over your white walls, it's the Barbie-blocked sink spilling up and over your new kitchen counters. Quite possibly, if you know the chaos of kids, your surfacing material doesn't stand a chance. So, why not skip all the craziness that comes with watery messes, and opt for a disaster-proof alternative??

2. The Nursery (AKA Baby Oopsie Central)

Ah, the beauty of babies! They're small, adorable and full of love, but man, do they make a mess! Between the explosive poops, leaky diapers and heaven only knows what else, your nursery needs some serious babyproofing! Make your life a bazillion times easier (because remember, you're an exhausted parent!) by selecting COREtec waterproof flooring. Not only will it be all that much easier to clean, but you also won't have to worry about potential stains and water damage. Now, if only you could get more sleep at night!

3. The Living Room (Where Kids and Pets Plot Mishaps)

Sometimes, it feels like the pets and kids are in cahoots, planning and scheming their next colossal mess. While the dog decides to make a gross, stinky mess, the kids opt to spill red Kool-Aid everywhere. Feeling a bit anxious just reading the previous two lines? Well, obviously, that's because you have the wrong type of surfacing material in your living room. At this point, we're pretty sure you know what to do!