Why Carpet? Metro Has 10,000 – You’d Be Doing Us a Favor

There are 10,000 reasons to consider carpet. Really, there are. Here are a few highlights to ponder for your next flooring job – because you need it, and we need the storage space!

Comfort and Warmth

Carpet is like a cozy sweater for your floor. Imagine walking on a soft, warm surface instead of cold, hard tiles. It's like your floor is giving you a hug! Perfect for those chilly San Diego mornings when you can barely muster the strength to leave your bed. Plus, it’s great for lounging, napping, or pretending you’re a cat.

Beauty-Aesthetic Variety

With our carpets, you can unleash your inner artist. From a rainbow of colors to textures that range from “fluffy cloud” to “gentle wave,” the choices are endless. Custom designs? You bet. Carpet has a magical way of making your furniture look like it belongs in a castle. Even your IKEA bookshelf will look like it’s worth a fortune.

Sound Insulation

Carpet is the unsung hero of noise control. Sick of hearing every step, drop, and tap? Carpet absorbs sound better than a sponge absorbs water. Great for upstairs rooms, so your downstairs neighbors will stop plotting your demise over every footstep.


Let’s face it: we’re not all rolling in dough. Carpet is a budget-friendly option that lets you save some cash for more important things – like that fancy coffee machine or your streaming service addiction. Compared to hardwood, it’s like choosing ramen over a five-star restaurant. Still satisfying, and you won’t need a loan.


Carpet: the unsung hero in the battle against gravity. It’s non-slip and a bit forgiving if you take a tumble. Especially useful for homes with kids, elderly residents, or anyone prone to impromptu dance-offs in the living room.


Carpet is basically a sweater for your house. It keeps your rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Think of all the energy savings – more money for those streaming subscriptions! Plus, it’s way better than wearing three pairs of socks indoors.

Allergen Control

Hypoallergenic carpets are here to save the day. They trap allergens like dust and pet dander, keeping them from floating around like they own the place. Anti-microbial treatments add an extra layer of defense, making your home a fortress against sneeze-inducing invaders.

Reduced Maintenance

If you’ve ever had hard surface flooring, you know the drill: sweep, mop, repeat. It’s like a never-ending battle against dust bunnies and dirt. Carpet simplifies your life with just a vacuum and the occasional deep clean. And remember those basketball players wiping their shoes every five minutes? No need with carpet – your floors stay cleaner, longer. Your feet will thank you. So, do yourself a favor and embrace the carpet life. You’ll get comfort, style, and sanity – and we’ll finally clear out our warehouse. It’s a win-win!