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Why consider SmartStrand Naturals?

With all the many carpet choices available on the market today, why in the world would you want to choose SmartStrand Naturals for your home? Well, we?re glad you asked. There are lots of reasons to choose this magnificent carpet for your home and we?re going to talk a little more about those now.

With these carpets in place, you?ll not only get the amazing beauty that comes with each installation, but you?ll get impressive durability that goes right along with it. And you?ll never regret your choice to choose this amazing carpet.

Things that set SmartStrand Naturals apart

If you think that SmartStrand Naturals carpet is just another soft-surface flooring covering, we?d have to ask you to look a little deeper at the brand. You?ll find amazing benefits, that all work together to make your floors everything you want and need them to be.

For instance, you?ll get the amazing softness underfoot, the incredible options for appearance and classic style, but you?ll also get a level of durability that isn?t often seen in soft-surface flooring. In most cases, homeowners have always had to trade a bit of softness for more durability, but not anymore.

With a natural, silk-like feel to the more than three times the number of fibers per strand, it's a difference you'll be able to feel and see. Watch as your floors stay newer looking longer and stand up to even the highest levels of wear without breaking down prematurely.

Let us help you choose your SmartStrand Naturals

At Metro Flooring, we offer extensive flooring options for the communities of La Jolla, San Diego, Scripps Ranch, Carmel Valley, and Poway. We invite you to visit us, a SmartStrand retailer, at your convenience so that you can have a look at it for yourself.

You?ll be greeted by professional associates who?ll make sure your questions are answered and that you get the opportunity to browse our entire inventory of flooring. When you find the perfect material, we?ll even install it for you, for the perfect flooring experience. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.