Why is Smartstrand carpet so Stain Resistant?

Smartstrand carpet has revolutionized the flooring industry with its unparalleled stain resistance. This breakthrough is attributed to the innovative use of nanotechnology in the carpet’s fibers, which provides a permanent barrier against stains and spills.

The development of Smartstrand was driven by the need for a high-performance carpet that could withstand the rigors of everyday life while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Mohawk Industries invested heavily in research and development to engineer a carpet that not only met but exceeded these demands.

SmartStrand Carpet

The core innovation behind Smartstrand lies in its unique fiber composition, which incorporates nanotechnology to create an intrinsic stain-resistant quality. Unlike traditional carpets like nylon, where stain resistance is often topically applied and can diminish over time, Smartstrand’s protection is built into the fiber itself, ensuring long-lasting performance.

SmartStrand Carpeting

Smartstrand’s stain resistance has been rigorously tested against common household substances such as coffee, wine, mustard, and pet accidents. The results consistently demonstrate its superior ability to repel stains and maintain its original appearance. Furthermore, Smartstrand’s durability was showcased in a high-profile test involving a two-ton rhino, which the carpet withstood without damage.

SmartStrand Graph

In addition to its performance characteristics, Smartstrand is environmentally conscious. It is partially made from renewable resources and is certified free of harmful substances, aligning with Mohawk’s commitment to sustainability.

SmartStrand Carpet for Pets

Smartstrand carpet which is heavily featured at Metro Flooring stands as a testament to Mohawk Industries’ dedication to innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility. Its exceptional stain resistance not only serves the practical needs of consumers but also sets a new standard in the flooring industry.