Why Is The COREtec Wear Layer So Special?

cortec plus

You have heard about COREtec flooring systems, but you may not know why its wear layer is so unique and special. The truth is that the entire construction of these modern systems from US Floors is special, but let's focus on the surface layer, the layer that you see and step on.

To begin, your new COREtec flooring has a wear layer thicknesses of 0.5 mm (20 mil) which means that this layer will last for a long, long time. The top layer is so tough that it can be installed in areas where heavy foot traffic is normal. Also, this top layer is super easy to clean and maintain. One of its main benefits is that these systems have superior stain resistant properties. This makes this system perfect for homes with active kids and pets.

The top layer of COREtec flooring systems is actually a luxury vinyl top that is more than your normal luxury vinyl product. Wear layers on these systems are incredibly durable and resilient. Because of its durability, these systems also resist dents and chips. This can be very important for those who have clumsy hands at the home or office. This is also a benefit that you will not find on many other flooring systems.

One of the most popular reasons why so many homes and businesses are turning to COREtec, is the huge selection of hardwood surface themes that are available. You can easily find species such as Acacia, Oak, Pine, and Walnut to name just a few. These surfaces are so beautiful and elegant, that one has to see them in person to truly appreciate them. And, unlike traditional hardwood flooring that expands and contracts as the weather turns, causing all sorts of problems in some areas of America, COREtec does not expand or contract due to changes in temperature or humidity.?

It is easy to see why so many interior designers, homeowners, and business owners are falling in love with COREtec.

The above are only a few of the many, many benefits you get with this new, incredible flooring system from US Floors, and is available locally at Metro Flooring in San Diego. Visit us soon and see COREtec flooring for yourself; you will be impressed.