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Why Kids, Parents and Pets Love COREtec Waterproof Flooring

You may have heard of COREtec. It?s a stylish, engineered, luxury vinyl plank, and completely waterproof flooring, that comes in an assortment of colors and designs.

The manufacturer has added realistic grains with unique finishes and many have beveled edges to better resemble real hardwood floors .

You can get any look from modern, to cottage, or farmhouse. With planks available in various widths. it looks great in any room, including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bath and more.

The flooring is manufactured by US Floors, an industry leader, and it?s available right here in San Diego at Metro Flooring.

Unlike natural wood, this is budget-friendly. You get all of the fashion, but without the high price tag. Natural wood can also be damaged by water but, since this is completely impervious to water, moisture will not make it warp, nor will it expand or contract.

It?s highly durable, with a patented, proprietary construction that includes a thick clear wear layer on top. That wear layer protects the flooring, but just underneath is a layer of resilient vinyl which also shield. It also has some ?give?, so it?s comfortable to stand on and doesn?t get cold in winter, a great feature for everyone, human or animal.

Do you have a dog who loves to topple water dishes, or race around to chase the cat? We also know how much kids are prone to leaving wet towels on the floor.

If you have one of those detachable shower sprays, you know there will be water fights with those detachables. None of this is a worry, because of the durability and its ability to keep out water. However, do mop up puddles, since no flooring likes standing water.

Easy Maintenance a Key Feature of COREtec Waterproof Flooring

All it takes is a soft broom or damp mop to get rid of dirt and grime. For more thorough cleanings, use a manufacturer-approved soap. The clear plastic wear layer protects it from stains and spills, but when they do happen, they wipe up easily.

It?s also easy to install, but it?s not a do-it-yourself project, especially since you need to be sure the subfloor is properly prepared.?Come into the Metro Flooring showroom near The Pyramid in San Diego, so we can tell you more about this terrific product.