Why SmartStrand? Naturals is the Best Choice for Busy Families

Mohawk Carpet - Metro Flooring

Did you know that Mohawk's SmartStrand? Naturals line of fine carpeting is a great choice for busy families? In fact, it may be the best option for those who need to keep their carpeting clean and fresh, but do not have a ton of time to clean and maintain their carpeting. Here are a few reasons why Metro Flooring believes that this brand of carpet is perfect for any home.

SmartStrand Naturals Is Different

When Mohawk undertook the challenge of developing a new ?kind? of carpeting that would be durable, resist stains, be stylish and soft, and also be eco-friendly, they came up with the SmartStrand brand.?

They were able to do this by using DuPont's Sorona? fiber to create what is now known as triexta fiber. This extraordinary fiber is proven to be one of the very best options for those who want carpeting that is super-stain resistant. The stain-resistant component for this fiber is actually inside the fiber, and not just sprayed onto the fiber as most other brands do with their carpeting. Sprayed on resistant chemical can wash off or wear off over time. This cannot happen with SmartStrand Naturals, where the chemical is actually inside the fibers themselves.

SmartStrand Naturals Is Stylish and Family Friendly ?

In addition to being superior in stain-resistance, these carpets are also available in styles that are sure to please. And while some people may believe that a top-line stain-resistant carpet would be stiff underfoot, this is not true with SmartStrand Naturals. Homes with families love this carpet, as it is perfect for those homes with active children who love to play on the floor, and are also known to spill liquids from time to time.

The best way to learn more about this remarkable carpeting system is to visit with Metro Flooring in San Diego and let us show you SmartStrand Naturals in person.