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Why Smartstrand Naturals is the Perfect Carpet for a Kids Room

For many reasons, carpet can be a great choice for the kids? room. It?s warm, soft and plushy so it?s easy on the feet.

It eliminates the worry about hard falls. We all know how often and fast kids can run, especially when playing. Some hard surfaces get slippery when wet and cause falls, pain and injuries.

It also insulates against noise. If you have a kid, well, no further explanation here is really needed!

You still have some major concerns, however, and Metro Flooring, which carries SmartStrand? Naturals, can put them to rest right now.

1. My kid spills. Smartstrand Naturals is resistant to stains and spills.

The manufacturer, Mohawk, can prove it because it underwent some pretty rigorous testing before it came to market. For instance, one test was in a rhino cage, where it stayed for two weeks. As you can imagine, this 5400 pound rhino made a lot of mess; in fact, more mess than 135 four-year-olds or 337 pugs.

At the end of the two weeks, all it took was a hose-down with warm water. Unlike those spray on or chemical treatments that can eventually wear down and need replacement, this carpet has the protection built right into its fiber, so you can say the excellent stain-resistant properties are part of its DNA.

2. My kids play really hard! Let?s go back to that rhino test, because the rhino weighed more than a Ford F-250 truck--but it stood up to it. You can safely say that if Smartstrand Naturals stood up to a truck, it can stand up to anything your kid dishes out.

Oh, by the way, this fiber was created by DuPont, the company that invented nylon which, for years, was widely considered the toughest material around. However, it gets a run for its money with this one.

3. My kid has allergies and asthma, so I worry about indoor air quality. Over 35 percent of the fiber content includes corn glucose, not petroleum-based products. This is important, as it means fewer chemicals and less emitting VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Come into Metro Flooring and let our pros show you how it can fit in with a kids? room. Our showroom is in San Diego next to The Pyramid.