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Why SmartStrand Naturals should be your natural flooring choice

When it comes to picking the perfect carpet for your home, you likely have a pretty good list of
what you need and what you want. Of course, not every carpet is going to be perfect. Or is it?
The truth is, SmartStrand Naturals could be the very material you?ve been waiting for.

With amazing durability and the softest possible underfoot feel, you may wonder why you didn?t
think about this product before. But the benefits go much farther than these, and you should
know exactly what they are.

Choose a SmartStrand Naturals retailer you can trust
Metro Flooring has taken great care in creating a reputation for only the best products and
services. What?s more, we treat you like family, and not just another customer. This makes all
the difference when you need the trust that only this kind of relationship offers.

If you need assistance choosing the best floors for your needs, be sure to stop by our San
Diego, CA
showroom. Our associates are standing by to help you browse our extensive
inventory and answer any of your most pressing questions.

SmartStrand Naturals can do more than you think
It isn?t just softness you?ll be gaining when you choose SmartStrand Naturals for your home.
While the softness makes it perfect for kid?s rooms, playrooms, and any other space where
softness is appreciated, the other benefits will make it even more appealing.

For instance, you?ll love the fact that you?ll never need to apply harsh chemicals to this product
to get the stain protection you deserve. That protection is built into the fibers themselves, which
means they cannot be washed away, even with professional cleaning.

For homes with children or pets, this is a driving factor, as stained or dingy carpet is always
disheartening to see. Having the ability to fight stains is also one of the ways this material is
better able to reach its expected lifespan.

When you choose SmartStrand Naturals for your home, be sure you choose our professional
installation for the work of installing it. This assures a perfect carpet installation, a professional
team you can call on in the future, and assurance that your warranty will remain intact.