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Nothing compares to tile for adding personality and practicality to a home. The results are immediate and the effects can be dramatic, and it is often inexpensive. You can do many things with tile to add pizzazz to a room, but most people miss the opportunity and go with a plain “vanilla” or neutral tile because they think a designer look has to be expensive. You can mix colors or sizes to form custom patterns or add special inserts or decoratives without increasing the cost much at all.

  • Various available textures can be mixed or matched for unique effects.
  • Listellos can be used to border or personalize any room
  • Tile can be cut into one-quarter size and alternated in color to create custom borders
  • Tile can be installed in an area rug configuration in any room
  • Medallions can be strategically tied in with the interior architecture and design of the hom
  • Using modular sizes of tile – two to fifteen piece patterns can be created
  • Tile provides the ability to change sizes as a means of delineating specific areas
  • Tile can be set with a straight joint, brick joint or in patterns such as herringbone, basket weave, angled, etc
  • Tile provides the ability to change direction from straight set in one room, to a 45 degree angle in another as a way to help to define different areas of the home
  • Any among a wide variety of grout colors can be used to help define a unique overall appearance
  • Tile provides the ability to inset different tiles or natural stones
  • Tiles can be custom fabricated for virtually any area through the use of water jet cutting technology.

*The best part about using tile is that you can personalize any floor at any price range.
Custom tile mosaic in San Diego CA by Metro Flooring
Custom tile bathroom in San Diego CA by Metro Flooring