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The world waited a long time for laminate flooring and now that it is here, homeowners are finding it has many important performance advantages over other types of flooring:
Wood laminate floor advantages
Ceramic laminate floors
  • Can be easily damaged by sunlight
  • Susceptible to scratches, burns, dents
  • Swells, warps and spots with prolonged water exposure
  • Requires routine waxing and/or finishing

Vinyl Tile
  • Can be easily damaged in high traffic areas
  • Some choices require regular waxing and buffing
  • Yellows and discolors with age
  • Limited range of designs and colors

  • Signs of wear and traffic patterns become visible over time
  • Retains odors, mold, mildew and other allergens
  • Difficult to clean, easily stained
  • Costly, labor intensive installation
  • Difficult and expensive to repair/remove
  • Grout is easily stained, requires regular maintenance
  • Hard, unforgiving surface increases injury risks

Sheet Vinyl
  • Yellows, dents, curls and tears
  • Easily stained and scratched
  • Requires careful subfloor preparation
  • Even minor subfloor imperfections telescope through to surface
  • Limited design options