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Hardness of porcelain & ceramic tile

Tile is extremely durable and is ideal for long-lasting and durable floors. The PEI Scale was established by the Porcelain Enamel Institute to help create standards consumers could rely on to help determine which tiles to buy for which purpose. The PEI Rating is an indication of tile hardness, and PEI floor ratings are valuable to guide tile choices for different projects. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are rated, though most people seem to be more concerned about the PEI Rating of ceramic tile. Use the right tile for the right surface and you'll be a happy consumer.

The tile hardness for your application:

Hardness ClassApplication
0Generally not recommended for floors.
1Light traffic, for residential bathroom floors.
2Medium-light traffic, residential interiors with the exception of kitchens, stairs, landings, and near external entries.
3Medium-heavy traffic, all residential applications. Commercial applications which are similar in traffic to residential applications. Specifically excepted are areas of prevalent circulation or turning points.
4Heavy traffic, all residential and most commercial applications, such as the public areas of exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shops and schools.
5Extra heavy traffic, all residential and commercial applications similar to class 4 where extra durability may be required. For areas like exterior walkways, food service, building entrances, around swimming pools or shopping centers.