5 Tricks to Preparing for Flooring Installation

You have purchased your material, now what? It’s time to prepare the house for installation. Here  are a few easy tips that will help to make your installation go smoothly.

1. Do not have other contractors and installers in the house. We understand that you may be in a time crunch but having a whole other crew will only delay things. Generally speaking, painting and cabinet installations done first.

5 Tricks to Preparing2. The arrangement of the rooms should be tidy and easy to maneuver. Remove any items on top or around furniture. Place them in boxes out of the way, perhaps into the garage. Remove all hanging objects, breakables, antiques and other small items from in and around the area of installation.

Dresser drawers may be removed or emptied. If flooring is going inside the closet we need at least 4 feet of height clearance. Ensure all the electric systems, water taps, or gas appliances are disconnected before the project starts. While it may seem like overkill to clear everything from your walls, it’s necessary to preserve your decor. Paintings may get bumped or fall off the walls from vibration. Dust can ruin nearby fabrics like curtains or tapestries. Strip the walls to prevent any accidents. You’re better off safe than sorry.

3. Make sure our installers have access to electrical power. If you are in a new construction make sure to have the electricity on. Installers need a work area. Outside works best due to noise and dust.

4 We will do our best to keep the dust to a minimum but if you can cover your furniture this will act as another layer of protection. To close off other rooms you can put towels under the door, seal off hallways and entrances with plastic and turn off the air conditioning to help minimize the dust flow.

5. Be at home when the installer arrives. It’s always good to double check the material is correct, go over which direction the product is being laid and be there for any questions that might arise. It is also beneficial to be there when they finish the job to make sure everything is to your liking before they leave your home.

The most important thing is Metro Flooring offers a lifetime installation warranty. We guarantee the quality of our work so you can sleep at night.

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