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COREtec Flooring Solves Your Subfloor Installation Problems

At Metro Flooring in San Diego, we have many people come to us ask us about the COREtec line of flooring. Some of these people, homeowners and business owners alike, have existing issues with the flooring that they have now and ask if COREtec can be installed over these problematic subfloors. The answer is almost always yes.

Here is the scene: You want new flooring, but your existing flooring is old ceramic tile or old hardwood or, perhaps, aged concrete that is now scarred and imperfect. With most other types of luxury vinyl tile or plank, or even vinyl sheet goods, you would have to spend a lot of money getting those subfloors prepared before you could even think of installing new flooring. In some cases, such as with old tile flooring, you might even have to hire a crew to come in and mechanically remove the old tiles and mortar. Expensive, to say the least.

What to do because you have to do something!

Consider COREtec flooring from US Floors. These remarkable LVT systems that can be installed directly over ceramic tile floors, laminate, hardwood, and imperfect hard subfloors of many types, without the old flooring having to be taken up. It can do this because of its construction and its incredible backing system. In addition, with these systems, you will avoid those unsightly wavy-looking floors you often get with laminate flooring that is installed over less-than-perfect subfloors. No one wants to see ripples and waves in their new flooring, and when you have COREtec installed, you won't see them.

Some of the other benefits you find with these systems include:

Water resistance, which is important for those who have to have flooring installed in areas where moisture may be a problem.

Easy to install and can be installed in large areas without the use of transition strips. This can be important for those who have dining areas or other large rooms where they do not want the visual flow of the flooring to be interrupted.

Moreover, these systems resist both mold and mildew at the subfloor level.

To be frank, the best way to learn about these amazing luxury vinyl flooring systems is to drop by Metro Flooring and see for yourself. We have a great selection of COREtec flooring systems to show you in our San Diego showroom, and we can answer any of your questions as well.

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