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Carpet That Has it All: Beauty, Durability, Strength and Easy Cleanability

Super-sized Saturday--Just before Christmas, the last-minute shoppers came out in droves: by Jennifer Van Grove.

Merriam Webster defines the word ?super-size? as something being increased considerably in size. That?s exactly what Mohawk did to their SmartStrand? line of carpeting when they introduced the SmartStrand? Silk version.

Already ultra durable, the addition of the silk fiber adds another dimension of strength, softness and luxury.

When we think of silk, we think of lightweight, elegant fabric that shimmers, but what?s interesting is that it?s ultra strong; in fact, there?s a big debate about whether steel is stronger than silk. Whether or not that is so, silk still has an amazing strength!

So, to sum it up, SmartStrand Silk carpet addresses the most common concerns of the consumer: durability, stain-resistance, style, softness and environmental friendliness.

? Softness. We all understand that different carpet styles have different degrees of softness, but every style in this collection is incredibly soft and plush. Not only is that nice to walk and stand on, but your toes will thank you every morning when you put them on the floor! Thick carpet can sometimes be a little difficult to vacuum, so your flooring expert will be able to give you tips on vacuuming SmartStrand Silk carpet.
? Durability. Well, just to really test this, SmartStrand Silk carpet lined one of the rhino cages for two weeks. The manufacturer also invited guests to spill condiments, like mustard, ketchup and red wine on the carpet. Then, to take it even further, the carpet was put at the finish line of an obstacle course. At the end of each test, only hot water was used to remove the stains and spills, it passed each test with flying colors!

We?re sure none of the people reading this have a pet rhino, but you do have kids, pets and heavy foot traffic, none of which will be any kind of match for this carpet.

? Environmental friendliness. Silk is a completely natural protein, created by silk spiders. It?s also made, in part, by corn glucose, as opposed to petroleum-based products. That means fewer chemicals which, in turn, means fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It requires less energy than carpets made from nylon, and it?s great if anyone in the family suffers from allergies or asthma.

Come into Metro Flooring and let our experts show you how this carpet can show your house some love, while making your life easier. We also carry a huge inventory of hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl and stone. We?re located in San Diego, next to the Pyramid.

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