For those that love hardwood floors, you’ll be pleased to find that we will soon be carrying Karastan flooring in this line. What’s so great about Karastan? We’re glad you asked! We’re going to tell you more about why these floors might be the best option for your floors.

Karastan flooring is hardwood you’ll love

Karastan floors have always been known for their luxurious rugs and carpets. Now, with the BelleLuxe and LuxeCraft collections, they are taking on luxury hardwood as well. BelleLuxe offers a variety of styles that bring out nature’s very best, such as maple and oak. LuxeCraft is a collection of materials, both gorgeous and rare, that include woods that are weathered and naturally aged, never before crafted into a floor covering.

As all Karastan flooring craftsmen have done in years past, they continue to honor the most gorgeous and breath-taking elements of the materials with which they work, all so you can live in surroundings more beautiful than you ever imagined. You'll appreciate the way splits and knots are worked to create this luxury hardwood.

These materials feature all the long-lasting durability you’d expect from hardwood floors, only better. Already a natural material that can stand up to various wear and lifestyles, you’ll find these pieces right at home in many of your spaces.

Be sure to speak with a flooring associate about the importance of a professional hardwood flooring installation. With a luxury hardwood floor like Karastan, you’ll want to make sure your investment is protected.

Let us help you find the best Karastan hardwood floors

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