Hardwood ­flooring provides many benefits from its warmth and softness to its value and long-lasting wear. No two trees are alike so each plank will be unique in character. While hardwood may not be ideal for rooms with high amounts of moisture like the bathroom or laundry room, it makes for great ­flooring in pretty much every other room.

Types of Wood

Some species of wood are harder than others, which will make them more durable. If you are renovating an area of your home with heavy amounts of foot traffic, consider installing a harder wood. You can always check the Janka Hardness Scale to see where your wood falls.

Oak is a popular choice. It is durable, works well with various stains, and has an attractive, natural grain. Also, it’s pretty easy to find oak wood ­flooring.

Baypark Oak is offered in 8 colors by Elite Flooring Distributors

Exotics wood such as Brazilian Cherry and Santos Mahogany are at the top of the Janka hardness scale which makes them more durable than other woods. These species often have unique grain patterns and color variation. The colors are typically in deep browns, rich reds, and light blondes that many homeowners love. However, these exotic hardwoods tend to cost more than Oak or Maple.

Gibson Santos Mahogany and Cherry Natural Offered by Elite Flooring Distributors

Maple hardwood ­flooring is a favorite in so many homes due to its light color, hardness, and fine grain pattern. Maple is a perfect fit for modern or contemporary-styled homes or for just about any space that can benefit from a clean, consistent surface. You see it in Mid Century Modern or Scandinavian decor. Maple’s smooth neutral base for both light and dark furniture.

Clipper Maple Raymond Maple and Kira Maple Offered by Elite Flooring Distributors

Hickory and Pecan are basically the same wood by two different names. As far as looks they have stunning color variation that makes Hickory and Pecan so special. If you are looking for calm and monochromatic look elsewhere. These hardwoods have a super-unique grain with spirals and sporadic waves. One of the benefits of Hickory and Pecan is that they have excellent moisture resistance.

Johnstone Plank Havanna Pecan and Refined Plank Santa Pecan Offered by Elite Flooring Distributors
Johnstone Plank Havanna Pecan and Refined Plank Santa Pecan
Offered by Elite Flooring Distributors

You have many different choices for the types of finishes for wood ­flooring. Most will be considered either a polyurethane or oil finish.

Oil finishes penetrate the wood and can appear soft and natural. However, this finish can make your ­flooring susceptible to stains and scratches. It will also need to be re-oiled approximately 18 months to 2 years to keep it looking great.

Polyurethane creates a hard topcoat over the surface of the wood, making it more durable against wear and tear. But, if scratches do occur or a plank is damaged, repairing your fl­oors can be difficult. You may have to replace a board in the ­floor.

Hardwood ­floors do not harbor harmful dust and debris so it’s good for people with allergies. With just a quick vacuum, dry mop or sweep, you’ll have clean ­floors. We have hundreds of hardwoods to choose from.

We have so many styles, colors and pricing options. Feel free to bring in any inspirational photos. Call and set a time with one of our professional designers to help you select what is right for your home.