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Have You Heard of the New SmartStrand Silk Line of Carpeting?

If you are looking for new carpeting, and you want the softest carpet on the market today, then you should look into the SmartStrand? Silk line. This remarkable carpet has many, many benefits to offer you, not just its incredible softness, and we have it right here at Metro Flooring in San Diego. We would like to share a few facts with you about this new carpet line.

As we mentioned above, one of its most popular benefits is its incredible softness. While there may be other carpets on the market that are soft, they cannot compete with this one. Luxurious and rich, this carpet is perfection when it comes to comfort and style. You have to see it to believe it, and to appreciate just how wonderful this fiber truly is.

Another benefit you get with SmartStrand Silk when you shop with us, is that we have 130 Silk options awaiting you. We believe that this is one of the best selections that you can find in, or around, San Diego. We have those incredible colors that homeowners are looking for today, and this is yet another benefit to shopping with Metro Flooring.

As with all of the SmartStrand carpet fiber lines, the Silk line is incredibly durable, and easy to clean. Its stain-fighting abilities are second to none, and they can resist staining from mustard, kid's drinks, wine, and much more. These carpets have been tested and tested again, and they have passed each test with remarkable success. If you want a carpet that will stay stain-free, this is the one to check out.

And, of course, we can install your new SmartStand Silk carpet to perfection. Our installation services are some of the very best, and our technicians know exactly what they are doing.

If you want to learn more about SmartStrand Silk carpet, just stop by our San Diego showroom, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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