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Let COREtec Waterproof Flooring Protect Your Sub-Flooring!

It is no secret that wet, nasty weather has hit many parts of California lately, and those who have COREtec waterproof flooring installed in their home or business are thankful that they do. It is also no secret that water can damage flooring that is not waterproof and lead to costly repairs or replacement. At Metro Flooring in San Diego, we carry the patented COREtec waterproof flooring that so many homeowners and business owners are looking for these days. Here is one of the most important reasons so many people are turning to waterproof flooring:

COREtec waterproof flooring protects your sub-floor

If you have ever suffered water damage from a broken pipe or overflowing commode, you already know how destructive water can be to your flooring (carpet, hardwood, VCT, etc). You may also know that when you took up your flooring, your sub-floor may have been damaged as well. Many homes and businesses in our area have sub-flooring that is either plywood or particle board. When these wood-based materials get wet, they react in negative ways, often buckling, swelling up, cracking, or weakening to the point that they become unsafe.

Anyone who has had to replace their sub-flooring knows how time-consuming and expensive that can be. When you have COREtec waterproof flooring installed, you do not have to worry about your sub-flooring becoming water damaged again.

COREtec waterproof flooring is attractive

While protecting your sub-floor is important, no one wants an ugly floor. The good news is that COREtec offers some of the most attractive flooring on the market today. Many of those who come to Metro Flooring are surprised at just how beautiful these flooring systems are, and how easily they can fit into any d?cor.

If you want to learn more about COREtec waterproof flooring, come and visit with us at our San Diego showroom, and we will be happy to tell you all about this remarkable flooring system.

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