Hardwood in San Diego, CA from Metro Flooring

Most common complaints from box stores and how Metro Flooring helps you avoid these issues.

Most common complaint: No responses by phone or email, no callbacks or follow up, no resolutions. Customer service is designed to keep the customer away. Very aggressive towards unhappy customers.

Product Performance: Scratches and dents too easily, don?t perform as expected, doesn?t hold up, really bad quality product, and store won't do anything. Materials are of abnormally low quality: chip easily, joints break, hard to cut out, flimsy. Fragile not performance flooring. Boards with chips, cracks, gauges, filler and excessive color variation. Not straight cut. Mis-milled. Floors uneven and have gaps. Ends aren?t even. Floors doesn?t fit together well. Expect 20% discard. Can?t handle anything. Finish peeling off. Lifts and separates. The product is cheaper than the cheap price that I paid.

ad Materials. Received damaged, broken, defective or unusable materials. These retailers often mix products, dye lots, runs, in or out of boxes or pallets. Boxes often have the rights codes but the product inside is different. They are selling off goods, first runs, shorts, odd lots and offer limited to no warranties and many things are sold As-Is. Liquidating things manufacturers don?t want and can?t sell.

nstallation Issues. Contractors express concern for the way the planks are made. Installers highlight how the planks do not fit flush. (Even recommended) installers explain to the homeowner that the products have known defects, and nothing but recurring problems. Installers find that too much time is wasted dealing with material. Many contractors (even recommended by them) will often decline doing or finishing projects from these suppliers. Floors don?t lock as expected

Warranty Issues: Try to file warranty claims and just keep getting a run-around or no responses at all. (Example: Called store and was told to contact manufacturer. Manufacturer says all warranty claims are to be directed to store. Went in person to store and was told to contact Customer Care on their website. Did so and there is no option for warranty claims, and no option to speak to a person). Warranties often exclude labor and just offer store credit.

Bad Samples. Samples displayed are misleading (sometime pictures ? and often doctored) and don?t match what?s inside the boxes. They hide imperfections and gloss over real issues with the flooring.

Discontinued Materials and Incomplete moldings. Items are often only available one time and are no longer available quickly after project starts, or to do add-ons or future repairs. Standardized moldings that aren?t designed to match the flooring they are intended to work with.

Bad Customer Service. Issues with associates taking down incorrect information, and lack of customer service assistance. Lack of professionalism in their sales practices and customer satisfaction. Don?t know what they are recommending and pushing wrong or inferior products to the consumer. Blame customers for real issues with the floors.

Metro Flooring Full Service to Beat the Liquidators:

  • Specialized Service (To make and keep you happy) from a family owned and operated company.
  • Confidence and Peace of Mind.
  • Awesome Recommendation sources.
  • We have an in-store service department.
  • Quality Selection in a beautiful showroom.
  • Value
  • Designers on staff offering Superlative Personal Service
  • Accurate Measurement and Estimate.
  • Expert Installation and Installation Materials
  • First quality ? running line products
  • All products come with warranties
  • Coordinating moldings on all products we sell
  • Lifetime guaranteed installation
  • Only use proper premium setting materials (for each product category)

    Metro Flooring Job Management and Professional Installation Package includes:

  • Jobsite visit to check job conditions, identify and correct any minor conditions and quote a price on any major corrections
  • Determine the best seam placement for the job
  • Professional Floor covering design and advice.
  • Measure the job, allowing for waste, seams and pattern repeat.
  • Order the material, receive the material and inspect for damage.
  • Schedule the installation based on the date the material is expected to arrive and at a time agreeable to the consumer.
  • Store the material until ready for installation
  • Manage the installation
  • Dispose of the old flooring and any waste or scrap from the new installation
  • Warranty the finished installation.
  • Survey house with consumer after job to check for corrections