Nothing Welcomes You Home Like Carpet

As the only soft-surface flooring available, carpet has a bit of an advantage in that it offers an absolutely impeccable comfort and underfoot feel. SmartStrand? Silk takes those advantages to the limit. It has tons of benefits, some old and some new, and has enough style and design variety, that you?ll have no trouble matching your existing decor with ease. In fact, we probably have something to match your needs perfectly, even if you have pets.

Metro Flooring has a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We not only want you to find the perfect floor covering for your home, we?ll even install it and be available for any questions or concerns that might come up later. If you?d like to stop by our showroom, located in San Diego, CA, we can help you find exactly what you?re looking for, and also answer any questions you might have about products, services and so much more.

SmartStrand? Silk for your Floors

Some carpets have excellent durability, while others have superb stain fighting abilities. Still others stand up to everyday wear and tear like few others do. SmartStrand Silk is a carpet that manages to pack all the best benefits into one single product.

When it comes to durability, SmartStrand offers crush resistance that stands up to some of today?s busiest households. For stain resistance, you?ll find permanent protection that?s built right into the carpet fiber, easily making it the easiest carpet to clean. Pet owners will be especially excited about the All Pet Protection that offers a 0% rate of moisture absorption. That means pet accidents will never cause pet odors.

With benefits like these, you might expect a carpet that?s not exactly comfortable or soft. We?re happy to say, SmartStrand Silk can change your mind about that. You may have experienced soft flooring before, but you?ll have to see this one to believe it. Packed with astonishing numbers of silk-like fibers, this is one carpet you can really sink your toes into.

Homeowners all agree, an elegantly soft carpet is a luxury, but there?s nothing like the luxury in knowing that your carpet is also extremely durable and unbelievably easy to keep clean. Be sure to speak with one of our flooring professionals about even more details, as well as our installation process. When it comes to carpet, a professional installation is crucial, and we can explain why in great detail.