Redesigning the Nursery? Here's Our Top Picks for Kid-Safe Flooring

Are you about to welcome a new baby into your home? Undoubtedly, you've spent hours and hours of research, trying to find the best kid-safe flooring for your nursery redesign. While there are seemingly endless amounts of hard and soft surfacing to choose from, not all of them would be ideal. At Metro Flooring, our San Diego, CA showroom pros answer a lot of questions from soon-to-be parents about this very topic. As such, we've come up with this helpful guide to give you some fresh ideas about your significant renovation.?

SmartStrand Naturals Carpeting
If your mind is set on carpeting, then you'll adore the latest selection of SmartStrand Naturals. From contemporary patterns that would look great in a baby's room, to trending designs that will make that nursery the coolest one in town, SmartStrand Naturals will definitely not let you down when it comes to its unique appearance. But aside from a child's room that seems straight out of an interior design magazine, this carpeting has long-lasting durability, permanent stain resistance, and unbeatable spill protection.?

Many parents opt for hardwood, because they just love the classic appearance. And honestly, you can't go wrong with timeless, stunning wood. However, when it comes to picking the "right" color for the flooring, folks tend to freeze up. They're afraid of committing to a particular tone or grain, and in the end, feel completely lost. Typically, we recommend both a lighter shade and a high grain look, and for a very good reason. While the light color will hide any scratches that may occur, the high grain appearance works to mask any stains or damage further. So, when your child spills paint, or drags their toys around the floor, there's no need to panic!

In love with the wood look , but not the hefty price tag that accompanies it? Then, perhaps you should consider laminate flooring, as it comes in a wide assortment of look-alikes. Whether it's exotic hardwood or reclaimed wood, you can purchase pretty much any look at just a fraction of the price. Modern-day production standards also ensure that this hard surfacing is kid-safe and sustainablely manufactured.

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