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San Diego Homeowners Can Have it All With Smartstrand Carpet

Here?s an incredible story of a house transformation. What was once a fixer-upper has now become one of the neighborhood showcases: by Chris Ross.

The homeowner credits the start of the metamorphosis to a newspaper clipping that was given to her about the WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Series.

You know what else is smart? The Smartstrand? Silk fiber, that?s what, and it will turn your home into a gem, even if (especially, really!) you have a household full of kids and pets. You can get it right in San Diego, CA at Metro Flooring.

For one thing, silk is one of the toughest fibers known to Mother Nature; in fact, it?s five (yes, 5) times stronger than steel. But you?d never know it, because it?s also ultra-soft, flexible and luxurious, and it?s that durability that makes it so great for families with kids and pets. Unlike nylon carpets, the Smartstrand carpet has over 700 fibers, 3X more fibers than the traditional nylon carpets.

Smartstrand Silk is also appealing to those concerned about the environment. The fact that it?s completely natural makes it a green product. Unlike some textiles that come from fossil fuels or petroleum-based products, Smartstrand silk is spun by the silk moth larvae (Bombyx mori). That makes it renewable. It?s also biodegradable, breaking down easily for mulch or compost or soil.

Now, let?s talk about what?s probably really on your mind: Stain-resistance. You know those ?oops moments,? such as ?oops, I dropped this or spilled that?. Well, it doesn?t faze Smartstrand Silk, because it has superior stain resistance, so bring on the pets, red wine, or dirt. One person even told the manufacturer, Mohawk, that she spilled an entire quart of white paint primer on it and was able to get it all out. And bring on the kids; install it in a child?s bedroom, or the playroom or game room with no worries, because everything will come out.

Come into Metro Flooring and let us show you how you can have it all. We?re located right next to the pyramid and we carry a large stock of carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl sheet, vinyl tile, natural stone, and laminate.

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