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Measurements and Materials

Once you know what materials you are looking for, locate your home?s current floor plan or draw a simple outline of the rooms where you are changing out flooring.? The drawing should include:

Each room?s basic dimensions of length and width, including closets.

Room exits.

Sources of sunlight and other lighting.

Subfloor material (if you are unsure, pull up a small portion of the flooring inside a closet or an in-floor heating duct to see).

Bring the drawing(s) with you, along with a bag of material samples from the rooms you are redoing: fabric and paint swatches and countertop, cabinetry, and hardware samples.

Know the Answers

A good salesperson will likely ask you these questions:

Do you have children or pets?

Do the areas you are resurfacing get light or heavy traffic?

Is there a door that connects to outside in the room(s)?

Do you have specific color or finish in mind?

Does the room get direct sunlight in some areas?

What style of home do you have?? Modern, traditional, transitional, or rustic?

What?s the ambience of the room?? Casual, formal or somewhere in between?

Know the questions

In return, you?ll want to query the salesperson:

Is there a charge for estimates?

Is a specific underlayment required?

What is the length of the warranty, and what does the warranty include?

What is the cost of installation, and what does it include?

How long does installation usually take?

Who handles the removal and replacement of furnishings, fixtures, and appliances?

Are new base moldings or toe-kicks required?

Will the new flooring add height to the room and require any changes to door clearances?

Are the installers licensed and insured?
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