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SmartStrand Naturals Addresses Some of the Most Common Carpet Concerns

There?s a good reason why carpet is still so popular as a flooring choice; it adds style and elegance to any home, and it can be as functional as it is beautiful, especially since it adds warmth and provides some soundproofing.

You might still have some concerns, though, so we?ll address some of the most common ones, but do come into see the experts at Metro Flooring in San Diego if you have others.

People are very concerned about durability, especially if they have kids, pets or just a lot of heavy foot traffic. A good quality carpet will last for over 10 years if it is maintained regularly.

For quality, look for density and face weight, two of the factors that decide a carpet?s quality; face weight refers to the weight of the fiber found in one square yard of carpet, while density refers to how closely together the fibers are tufted into the carpet backing. SmartStrand? Naturals eliminates all concerns about durability and has been tested extensively, even spending two weeks in a rhinoceros cage. The carpet wasn?t damaged, and if it could stand up to a rhino, then it certainly can stand up to pets or kids!

People worry about stains. Of course you should wipe them up immediately. SmartStrand Naturals has a stain protector built right into the carpet fiber, so it can never wear off. It?s in the carpet?s DNA you might say. Again, that rhino test! As you can imagine, Max the Rhino, who weighs 5400 pounds, made some huge messes. All were easily hosed off with warm water. It was tested even more with messy parties where ketchup, mustard and wine were spilled, and at athletic challenges in some pretty muddy areas. All were cleaned with only warm water.

What if are worried about indoor air quality or have concerns about the environment? SmartStrand Naturals is often called ?the corn carpet,? because almost 40 percent of it is made with corn glucose, as opposed to petroleum-based products. What that means to you is fewer chemicals and off-gassing VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the carpet.

Come into Metro Flooring in San Diego to let our experts tell you about the exceptional durability, sustainability and beauty of this product.

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