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SmartStrand Naturals: Not your average carpet

Anyone that has experience with SmartStrand Naturals carpet can tell you, it?s unlike any other carpet you may have experienced up to this point. It?s extra soft, incredibly durable, and offers a wonderful lifespan overall. But there's more to this flooring than meets the eye.

For some, softness is key, and you?ll get more than you could imagine in this material. The same is true for durability, with fibers that have stain resistance built right in. What?s more, you?ll never feel like you?re missing anything when it comes to matching your d?cor, as the available color and pattern options are simply amazing.

Choose SmartStrand Naturals for all these reasons

Stains are one of the biggest worries for homeowners who might be thinking about carpet. However, SmartStrand Naturals build stain protection into the fibers of the flooring, offering you complete protection and peace of mind against all stains.

This stain protection will also help make cleaning easier as well, whether you?re simply vacuuming, spot cleaning, or having the materials professionally cleaned. You?ll no longer have to worry about dinginess or foul odors, are these are easily kept at bay with this protection.

If you?re a pet owner, be sure to ask about our Pet Protection, which puts special safeguards in place for stains and odors that are specific to pets. It can change your whole life, so don't let the opportunity to find our more pass you by.

SmartStrand Naturals also offers a unique and luxurious softness that you just won't find in another product. When compared to regular nylon fibers, these have three times more strands per fiber, for a silk-like softness that you'll know and love.

Choose us for your SmartStrand Naturals carpet

Metro Flooring has made a reputation of treating our customers like family, assuring that your flooring experience will be unrivaled. We believe in honesty and integrity, right along with excellent materials and services.

Be sure to visit our San Diego showroom to speak with one of our experienced professionals today. We'll get to know your specific needs and work towards a final floor covering that will make all your flooring dreams come true.
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