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SmartStrand Naturals for Your California Home

Choosing carpet for your home is one thing. Choosing the perfect carpet is another thing all together. In fact, choosing SmartStrand ?Naturals for your home is likely as close to perfect as you can get with carpeting. The benefits will amaze you and leave you wishing you had already installed it in your own home.

What is SmartStrand Naturals?
SmartStrand Naturals is a new fiber class that seeks to address all the main issues that customers are concerned about when buying carpet. In fact, nearly every issue you might have with carpet can be laid to rest once you learn more about SmartStrand technology:

? Protects against stains for life. Not only is it impossible for SmartStrand Naturals fiber to absorb any type of stain, you can wash it away with nothing but water. It?s never been this easy to maintain your carpet.
? UV protection is built right in to the fiber. This means that even with above average exposure to the sun?s rays, you will notice your color stays looking as beautiful as it did the day you bought it.
? Softness is more luxurious than ever. SmartStrand Naturals gives you luxuriously soft carpet that is smoother and shinier, and will be for many years to come. Other carpet fibers won?t give you the same comfort nearly as long.
? Experience a resiliency that is second to none. Part of the magnificence of this carpet fiber is that it bounces back to its original form under nearly any circumstances. This means even the heaviest of furniture won?t leave gaping flat spots after having been in one place for a long period of time.

Find SmartStrand Naturals Today
If you would like more information about how you can have SmartStrand Naturals installed in your home, let Metro Flooring help. We strive to make sure you find exactly what you?re looking for, and we can show you our full line at our showroom located in San Diego, CA. Stop by today!