Treat your home - and yourself - to SmartStrand Naturals

When you?re finally ready to make the dive into brand new flooring, why consider anything less than an excellent product such as SmartStrand Naturals? It?s just as soft underfoot as most homeowners expect it to be, and probably even more so. It offers extensive options with regard to color, whether solid or patterned. But the durability you can expect is beyond compare with other materials like it. With everything working together inside your home, you?ll be amazed at the lifespan you?ll get from it while enjoying all the other reciprocal benefits as well.
Metro Flooring has a showroom located in San Diego, CA and from there; we strive for complete customer satisfaction across all our services. We offer an excellent selection of floor coverings, competitively priced to fit your budget, so that your project is completed exactly as you want it to be. We strive to not only create a wonderful experience but also an ongoing relationship, making you a repeat customer. When you?re in the San Diego, CA area, where our showroom is located, feel free to stop in and find out how we can be of assistance to you. Our associates will be there, ready to answer any questions you might have.
SmartStrand Naturals and its many benefits
SmartStrand Naturals gives you a carpet experience you?ve never experienced before. Created with more than three times the number of strands per fiber, it creates a silky softness you?ll have to experience to believe. Underfoot it?s noticeably softer and provides an excellent surface for your children to play on regularly. The softness of this carpet, along with the under-padding installed beneath, also create a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere by reducing noise levels greatly.
If you?re looking for durability, SmartStrand Naturals is the perfect choice. Created with stain resistance built into the fibers, it offers optimal protection against permanent stains, dinginess, and much more. Special protection is built in to help resist specific pet stains and odors, a definite win for pet owners everywhere.
Mohawk was so confident about the durability of SmartStrand Naturals, it was put to the test in an enclosure with a 5,400-pound rhinoceros. After more than a thousand pounds of solid waste - more than a dog could deposit in two years - it was cleaned to reveal a remarkably clean carpet again.
If SmartStrand Naturals can stand up to a full-grown rhinoceros, we?re pretty sure it can stand up to anything your home can dish out as well.