What are today's top colors in home design?

From the worlds of fashion, furnishings, and international culture, Shaw's skilled and knowledgeable experts have identified today's top eight colors below. What do you think? Are you seeing these colors in your own home?

Cloud Gray

The absolute perfect gray is comparable to the color of the clouds just before it rains. Warmer than it is cool, gray is rarely boring. Starting on fashions runway we have seen the emergence, expansion and ultimately the saturation of gray in the market place and have enjoyed its sophisticated simplicity in infinite ways. Suffice it to say, gray will stay.

Safari Taupe

Classic taupe is the stepping-stone between the gray trend and its predecessor, the chocolate brown trend. Taupe is best described as a grayish brown or brownish gray. Taupe can be found in nail polish, couture, ready-to-wear, active-wear, accessories and is evident in the home furnishing markets. When the taupe trend is translated into furniture, it offers the very popular reclaimed look.

Ivory Coast

Today we are seeing different influences on our neutrals. The first influence is a warm camel color while the other is a cool flax such as finely woven belgian linen. Whites and off-whites continue to expand and grow in lockstep as the brightness of the colorful colors grows. White performs as the ideal backdrop for a show-stopper piece of art to really stand out. White is elegant, it is high tech, it can be as casual as a white t-shirt or as formal as a tailored tuxedo shirt.


Known for its soothing and calming effects, aqua has evolved beautifully from its early days, enjoying long-standing partnerships with chocolate, lush greens, creamy whites and silvery grays. For homeowners who are drawn to living near the water, aquamarine infused interiors are very coastal and tranquil.

Persimmon Orange

Running the gauntlet between a juicy tangerine and a spice-colored persimmon, this color brings an energetic vibe to an interior space. Orange is often used as the signature color for key pieces of furniture or accessories. It is especially stunning when dropped strategically into an all-white interior.


Pink has grown from symbolizing baby girls and ballerinas into a color that is couture-worthy. Boldly representing breast cancer awareness has also helped create a resurgence in pink's popularity. As a color that works well with any style, any gender, any complexion, pink can be counted on to be around for the long haul.

Meditation Purple

The color purple of today is regal when blue-based, and spiritual and mysterious when red-based. Both versions are stunning but when paired together they are over the top.

Shutter Black

There is an age-old question: Is black the absence of all colors or the presence of all colors. In home furnishings black is the presence of all colors. No interior or wardrobe is complete without a touch of black. Black creates a much needed sense of depth and gravity. Black is basic and easy while being elegant and timeless. No other color can do so many things...black trumps all others with its style and versatility.

(Adapted from Shaw Flooring Network?s Design Team)

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