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Why Not Choose a SmartStrand Naturals Carpet for Your Home Office?

If you've been considering a new floor for your home office, then why not choose a SmartStrand? Naturals carpet for a truly unique design? Thanks to modern technological advancements in the flooring industry, carpets have come a very long way. In fact, present-day carpeting is virtually unrecognizable when compared to the old-style stuff that just looks like a pile of fluff! So, if you work from home and need a truly durable, yet equally stylish, flooring alternative, you'll want to read through these helpful tips on how to choose the ideal home office carpet.

? Short/Low Pile: It's a lot easier to move around office equipment, furniture, and, of course, wheeled desk chairs, on flooring that has a short or low pile. In general, looped Berber carpeting has a lower profile than other kinds of residential cut-pile carpeting, making it an excellent option for home offices. However, if you're aiming for a welcoming, cozy appearance, cut-and-loop type might be your best bet.
? Anti-Zippering: Most commercial-grade carpets have a neat anti-zippering feature that protects against carpet unraveling. Zippering, which is what happens when a thread gets snagged and pulled, causes a whole row to unravel, ultimately damaging the carpet. Residential carpets don't always have this feature, but it's a nice characteristic to have, even if your home office isn't going to see tons of walk-through. When choosing your SmartStrand Naturals flooring, you may want to think about getting one with this particular feature.
? Anti-Static: Most likely, you won't need additional anti-static treatments on your carpeting, unless, of course, you're planning on running an entire factory, complete with machinery and highly sophisticated technology, out of your home office. Nonetheless, most carpets have anti-static properties, and, again, it's a pleasant feature to have as it limits annoying static.

Regardless of the type of carpeting you choose, a protective mat, the kind that you place under your wheeled office chair, is recommended. Doing so will minimize any wear-and-tear on carpet flooring, reducing the risk of snags and damage.

The Metro Flooring showroom in San Diego, CA has a ton of gorgeous flooring options to choose from, be it hardwood or carpeting. If you're in the market for a SmartStrand Naturals carpet, then you'll want to come in and chat with our flooring experts.