Don’t Rug Me The Wrong Way

Are you looking for a rug but cannot nd the right one? Metro Flooring can custom make a rug to your specications: size, colors, shapes including triangles, circles and even jellybean shapes. You can choose from any of the carpet in the store. We have a wide selection of unique carpets made from a variety of materials. That will give your room the nal touch in the right size.


Determine the Size

Start with the practical rst. Know the measurements you want it to be. Metro Flooring can do any size so if you need 8 feet 2 inches its no problem. The bigger the rug the less expensive it will be compared to pre-made products o the shelf. Choose a size that either completely covers the walkway or leaves the oor exposed where people need to pass by. There’s nothing worse than being forced to walk on the perimeter of a rug with one foot on and one foot o. If the standard 12 feet isnt wide enough we have carpets 15 feet in width. This gives you wider options than most stores.


Pattern or Plain

A boldly patterned rug can serve as the dening feature of a living area, but because it has so much impact, it’s a choice that requires courage. For more laid-back, Zen environments, there are fantastically beautiful tonal patterns in them, like random textures herringbones and subtle stripes. Metro Flooing now has a rug company that allows you to choose you colors. How is that for custom rugs!



Rugs are made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials, each with their own pros and cons. Which material you choose will largely depend on your budget, with a few other considerations as well. Generally, wool is thought of as the most premium material for a rug and has a price tag to match. Synthetic materials like polypropylene can be had for much cheaper, though they will likely not last as long as a premium wool rug. Natural plant bers like sisal are popular for both indoor and outdoor rugs, but you should avoid using jute outside. Jute is a natural ber that is very absorbent, and prone to mold and dry rot when left outside.

Don't forget the backing

Don't Forget the Backing

No matter what area rugs you have in place, a good backing is necessary for them all. These backings are made of various materials to accomplish dierent results. We oer felt backing if you are putting your rug over hardwood so it won’t scratch. For all other oors you can use a rubber backing that prevents slipping.


Come to us and get the rug the way you want it. Let us make something special and one of a kind for your home. Set up a consultation with one of our experienced in house designers now!