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Hardwood from Karastan

Are you a fan of beautiful, rustic hardwood flooring that brings any space to life? If so, you?re going to want to know more about this fantastic product from Karastan flooring.

Karastan hardwood embodies all the excellent, artisanship, and stunning beauty you?ve come to expect from this company. Using only the highest quality woods, chosen by craftsman for centuries for their outstanding characteristics, they create floor coverings that provide everything you want and need, and so much more.

Karastan hardwood can be yours

For flooring that is better than nature intended, you?ll want to check out Karastan?s new flooring collections, featuring nature?s best assortment of woods. Choose from species such as European oak and maple,

When you take advantage of these flooring options, you?ll be able to explore collections such as the Ashmore, Chevreaux, Villa Pointe, Worthington, and Worthington Herringbone. These are created to provide some of the most awe-inspiring, versatile options available in wood flooring.

As with other wood floors, you can expect outstanding durability and lifespans that easily reach and exceed 100 years or more. The materials must be acclimated before installation to ensure they never warp, buckle, or crack, and an installation process that is as much an art form as the wood plank creations themselves.

When you?re ready to get started, we?ll dive into specifics such as species choice, stain color options, and finish types, to create a floor covering that is uniquely suited to your particular requirements.

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