Are wondering what ooring makes the most sense for your home with pets? The best ooring option for a home with dogs or cats is not hard wood but a wood alternative: vinyl, laminate, or carpet. If you have an active pet, even a top-end hardwood oor will get scratched and require renishing. The ooring problems that pet owners face are two-fold: the damage that can occur from pets with toenails or claws, and the problems of staining from liquid or solid “accidents”.

luxury vinylLaminate Flooring

Vinyl and Laminate

People are sometimes drawn to vinyl and laminate ooring since it looks like hardwood. It stands up against scratches and stains, making it great for active pets. Home owners like it because it is easy to clean with minimal effort.

Most laminate oors are smooth in nish. Their smooth, slick nish can cause pets to slip, espe- cially if they run across the oors. It can be especially hard on older pets. Some may suer hip injuries from sliding. Choosing a laminate oor with a more matte or distressed nish will also help to improve traction for your pets. The outer layer of laminate ooring is typically scratch-re- sistant, which means their claws can't scratch it up and their nails won't leave scratches when they get the zoomies. The one drawback to laminate is that the click clack sound of your pets names as they walk on the oor.


If you have a noise sensitivity vinyl is quieter because it is has denser core. Both laminate and luxury vinyl ooring are great choices but if the pet is prone to accidents, luxury vinyl is the way to go because it is waterproof.


When it comes to carpet the best idea is to choose a stain-resistant carpet. We at Metro Flooring recommend a carpet made from Smart Strand bers. Smart Strand has permanent, built-in stain resistance with spill and soil protection. It's the only carpet protection and warranty for all pet accidents: urine, vomit and feces. You may also want to look for carpets that are close in color to your pets (less showing of pet hair on the carpet) or that tend to hide dirt easily such as a ecked carpet.

Lavish Nature Fleck Carpet

Berber CarpetAlthough your cat may enjoy sinkning her nails into a nice thick carpet, I doubt you will find the same satisfaction. It is best to choose a carpet with no or minimal loops in the weave. Stay away from Berbers. They are not a good choice because pets can get their claws caught in the loops and the carpet can start to unravel. 

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