Karastan flooring from Metro Flooringin San Diego, CA

The difference Karastan flooring can make for you

The intricacies of Karastan flooring is better experienced than reading about, and that is never so much the case as it is with SmartStrand Silk Reserve. This floor covering is just as elegant as it sounds, offering everything you could want, all in one material.

The softness, beauty, and timelessness are unsurpassed, but you won?t have to sacrifice durability for those things. Protective characteristics abound, even though the flooring feels just like silk under your feet.

Karastan flooring for so many spaces

One of the best things about Karastan is that it makes an excellent addition to so many spaces. You don?t have to be careful only to install it in areas with low traffic levels.

Because it works so well in busier spaces, it has become a trending option for parents and pet owners, especially with products that offer pet-specific stain and odor protection. You?ll be surprised how easily the floors stand up under repeated abuses, and still looks great after years of performance.

The luxurious feel of these floors comes from fibers that have more than three times the number of strands when compared with the leading nylon fibers. With an impressive twist, these floors are comfortable and refreshing to walk-on at the end of a long day.

The built-in stain protection makes them a perfect candidate for spaces like living rooms and hallways that are often busy with bustling family activities. You won?t have to worry that your floors will quickly become dingy and stained. Instead, they will look great through day after day of family wear.

Our showroom is an excellent place for SmartStrand Silk

When you require high-end flooring, especially in carpet, you deserve Metro Flooring services and materials. We offer an abundance of SmartStrand flooring in San Diego, CA, where our showroom is based.

From there, we proudly serve the areas of San Diego, La Jolla, Scripps Ranch, Carmel Valley, Santaluz, Rancho Penasquitos, and Poway, CA. Our associates are easy to talk to, and they have the answers to all your Karastan flooring related questions. Be sure to visit our showroom when you're in the area.