When buying cheap isn't saving you money

When buying cheap isn’t saving you money.

Ever paid for something you thought was a great deal only to nd out it was made so poorly it feel apart. Has a cheap product every it ended up costing you more? We all want to save a buck or two but is cheap ever synonymous with long lasting?

When it comes to ooring you want it to last 10, 20 or even 50 years. Is a cheap oor going to go the distance? The answer is most denitely not! These purchases can end up costing you more if you try to go the cheap route. There are things in ooring that you cannot see that contribute to the quality of the product. Cheaper oors can deteriorate much more quickly and wear out than their higher-quality counterparts. Better ooring products outlive cheaper materials by many years.

“Quality is rememberd long after the price is forgotten.” - Aldo Gucci


Bad quality products don’t perform as expected. How would you feel if you just spent $10K just to nd your vinyl peeling six months later? Highter quality product perform as expected. Giving you peace of mind. Better quality items also look better. The visuals will be clearer and on point for color trends. After all your putting the ooring in every room of the house. So it should look beautiful and enhance to the style and value of your home.

Cheap Laminate and Buckled Vinyl

Flooring is only something most of us buy a couple of times in our life. You don’t want to be busy trying to repair a piece of ooring. Protect yourself in the rst place. People worry about price 1 time and quality forever.

Instead of loading up on cheap products, buy higher-quality items you really like. We can help you make that educated selections here at Metro Flooring. Come in and see one of our experience ooring consul- tants for a free consultation today!