Who says looks can be deceiving?

We do! Learn how to nd the best carpet even if you don’t know the rst thing about it. Here are some of the biggest mistakes people make when buying carpet.

Everlasting Appeal Oered by Mohawk Smart Strand Fiber


Don’t skimp on padding. This is about the worst mistake you can make when buying carpet. The pad can make a world of dierence in your comfort. It is counter intuitive but a lower-quality carpet will look, feel and perform better with a high-grade pad. Our pads also serves as a moisture barrier. Nothing can soak in from the slab or spills.

Carpet Padding


Although carpets may look and feel the same they may not perform the same due to their bers. Generally there are 3 main bers for carpet construction Smart Strand (Triexta), nylon and polyester. Everlasting Appeal Oered by Mohawk Smart Strand Fiber Prime Performance Plush Pad Certied for low VOC’s 100% Recyclable after use Made in the USA Biggest Mistakes When buying Carpet

Smart Strand

Smart Strand/Triexta is made by Mohawk. This ber carpet will perform as well as, or better than, a nylon carpet of equivalent quality because is inherently stain resistant, as the ber itself is hydrophobic (mean- ing it tends not to absorb water-based substances). Generally speaking, Triexta is less expensive than nylon.


Nylon & Polyester

Nylon does have a long history of proving itself to be very durable and resilient, and its the most popular. Polyester is naturally stain-resistant and comes in a wide array of styles and colors. A big plus with polyester is that you can get much more vibrant colors than you can in nylon, due to the way the ber accepts the dyes. However the polyester might not be the best carpet selection for high-trac and can have a shorter life span.

Calculating Your Square Footage (Incorrectly)

It is a great idea to take some measurements of your own before heading out shopping. It will help give you a general idea of the overall cost of the project. However, is much more complicated than simply adding up the square footage of your rooms. There are so many other things to take into consideration such as the width of the roll of carpet, and if there is a pattern repeat that needs to be matched.

Unfortunately, the carpet we need may not always be the carpet we want. Let our professionals help you make the right decision! Call for an appointment today and come see it for yourself.

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